Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab

The Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab is a habitable architectural module that allows the user to plunge into 45 years of jazz, blues and rock concerts in the form of digital archives. The shape of its projection surface, precisely curved in order to enhance embodied user experience, finds its precedents in trompe l’œil effects brought to excellence in the baroque age. This device therefore draws reference from a specific pictorial heritage, combining a corporeal experience of visual content with the archives of musical heritage. This architectural module was developed at EPFL ECAL LAB in 2011-2012.

Fotos T. Ambrosetti, J. Tettamanti

Collaboration EPFL ECAL LAB, prof. D. Dietz, O. Ottevaere, T. Smith, C. Erckrath, L. Lenherr


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